The Shadow Foaming® Process: Explained

Shadow FoamIf you are in the trade industry, there is a very high chance that you already understand the shadow foaming® process. However, if it is new to you, please read on to discover what this means.

Shadow foam is a versatile material that allows us to create bespoke foams for our tool kits and allows you to keep each individual tool organised as effectively as possible. If you take a look at your tool box and notice that a tool is missing, you will instantly be able to tell which one you need to locate due to the shape of the tool foam inserts. This reduces the many man hours lost searching for missing tools, therefore our tool helps to improve productivity and lets you focus on the job in hand rather than losing time over lost tools.

We can create bespoke foams based around brand new tools that you buy from us, or we can create bespoke foams on your own existing tools.

Firstly, the tools are set down on an electronic board using Plasticine to keep them in place before we use an electronic pen to draw around each individual tool. This creates a design on the PC before each tool is then added to ensure that they all fit perfectly into each individual layer of shadow foam. Once this task has been completed, the tools are then split into categories so that each tool foam insert contains the same type of tools, such as a “pliers layer”, for example.

As soon as we have received the approval of the customer, we then create the tool paths. These are codes from the computer that transfer to the CNC Router, which is then used to cut the foams to the specific shapes created within the aforementioned design. Once finished, we clean the foams and insert the tools within their designated place and then your tool kit is ready to go!

It is also worth remembering that shadow foaming® solutions are also available for more than simply tools. We have created foams for manicure sets, drink bottles and glasses, and much more, meaning that the possibilities are simply endless.

That’s the shadow foaming® process explained in brief but, if you still have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team and we will be happy to help.

All of our predesigned tool kits come complete with tool foam inserts for effective storage, including our popular automotive tool kits, electrician tool kits, aviation tool kits and more.

In addition to this, Red Box can also created shadow boards too, which is ideal for workshops and any other areas where mobile storage is not required.