RB Tools and Foam Supply Large Tool Cabinet to Northrop Grumman

Red Box Tools and Foam recently supplied this large two-piece tool cabinet to Northrop Grumman, which included laser etched Bahco tools.

Toolgraving™ is an important part of tool control. It allows an individual to help you track people “borrowing” their tools, whilst companies can help ensure that tools are kept where they belong.

By etching and engraving a tool kit with a number, code or name it is easy to identify what kit, roll cab, tool cart a tool came from. For companies issuing tool kits it also helps to increase personnel responsibility. Ensuring employees are accountable for their tool kits and missing tools.

These laser etched tools were protected by bespoke shadow foam, which included Red Box’s push point technology® and ensured that the user could remove the tools quickly and efficiently. One small hole was routed into the shadow foam, indicating exactly where the user needed to push the tools to release them. Click here to learn more about push point technology®.

Take a look below to see this fantastic tool cabinet for yourself.

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