Thank you for your continued support!

Katie - Over the MoonIn this week’s post, we wanted to take the opportunity to thank all our lovely customers for the influx of support, positive feedback and reviews we’ve recently received. Whether it was via Google, engaging with us on our social media platforms, stopping by the tool shop or by contacting the office, we truly appreciate all of the kind words. Our Sales Director Katie is over the moon!

The Red Box Group of companies are continuously looking to develop and drive our businesses forward and just by providing your feedback, you can really help us out. Of course, we would love to only see positives but we also welcome any constructive criticism you may have.

If you’ve purchased one of our predesigned toolkits or completely bespoke toolkits, had your pre-existing kit shadow foamed or if you’ve purchased some tools from our tool shop, don’t be shy and let us know what you think!

You can submit reviews via Google or our Facebook page, or by sending us an email at Additionally, if you have any queries you need answering, you can give us a call on +1 (770) 709-5169 and we’ll be happy to help.

We look forward to hearing from you!