Bespoke Shadow Foaming®


We don’t just create bespoke shadow foaming® solutions for tool boxes, we also offer our services for a number of other products.

From high quality packing solutions to display cases, we have options to suit you. We have created bespoke shadow foam for nail care kits, items stored on RVs and Yachts, even mobile drinks cabinets and gun cases. If you have a storage or display requirement talk to our sales team, you will be amazed at what we can do.

Although we specialize in two color shadow foam, we can also supply just black. The black foam works in the same way, except it doesn’t offer the quick, visible missing item function the two color foam offers.

All shadow foaming® comes complete with Red Box's Push Point Technology®.

Our predesigned tool kits all come complete with shadow foam, including our popular aviation tool kits, engineer tool kits, electrician tool kits and mechanic tool kits.

Contact our sales team today for a consultation regarding our bespoke Shadow Foaming® capabilities: