RBI9500 – Aircraft Mechanic Hand Carry Tool Kit – Imperial (SAE / Standard) Kit – Includes 160 Tools

SKU: RBI9500

Model NumberRBI9500T
Number of Tools160
Measurement of ToolsImperial (SAE / Standard)


2 Year Guarantee
Specification Sheet

Tool changes and substitutions can happen without notice

Tool case made out of black synthetic resin, is watertight and impact-resistant with Inlays in two colours, red/black which is Skydrol resistant.

160 BAHCO aviation handtools integrated in four different layers.

The two different colours of the Inlay indicates lost tools instantly this makes tool control much faster, easier and safer.

Upgrade to a RBI9500ST, this kit includes the same 160 tools but with a spare foam in a larger case.

Upgrade to a RBI9500TDR, to have this kit in a tray case with foams.

Aircraft Supported By This Product

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