RBTM7 – Yacht Kit Comprehensive Two, includes 105 tools


Model NumberRBTM7
Number of Tools105


2 Year Guarantee
Specification Sheet

Tool changes and substitutions can happen without notice

This kit includes 105 BAHCO tools, all tools come with a lifetime guarantee. This kit is designed by industry experts to include all tools necessary for most elements of working aboard yachts, it features a few extra tools, compared with the RBTM5.  All Red Box tool kits come with Shadow Foaming® inserts. These inserts act as an organisation solution, each tool has its own cut out, making it easy to identify missing tools and to keep them organised whilst using them.  Shadow Foaming® also helps to keeps tools safe as they are being transported in the case. The Red Box Canvas bag minimises scratches on board, allows for easy transportation of your tools and is lightweight.