As a high school student Elvin C. Price in his native South Carolina, took his first job in 1954 sweeping floors at a sewing plant. While pushing the broom, he noticed the sewing machine operators struggling to control the fabric and produce consistent and quality garments.

In his spare time, Elvin began making small attachments from scrap metal and he gave them, for free, to the operators. The attachments allowed them to become more efficient while sewing consistent and quality garments. The word quickly spread about his new attachments and technical ability.

Later, he became a highly sought sewing machine technician, which resulted in moving his family to Atlanta, Georgia in 1966, in search of a brighter future. However, he found himself working for a company that was offering their customers inferior quality products and he knew he could do better.


Elvin Price established what was to become Atlanta Attachment Company in the basement of his home with less than $250 in his bank account.


Moved to first building in Doraville, Georgia


Elvin (right) hired Joey Bottoms (left) and Travis Paul (center) to help build products.


Elvin purchases the first company plane to make “Sudden Service” even faster. The second one (see photo) was purchased in 1975.


Moved to second building in Doraville, Georgia.
The facility started at 1000 sq ft and expanded over 5 years to 4,000 sq. ft.


Construction begins on the 401 Industrial Park Drive building with 10,000 square feet of space. The irony is the large round water tower and a furniture factory on the property across the street can faintly be seen and to be the future site of Atlanta Attachment Company in 2007.


Nice new working environment.


First folder catalog created for the first Bobbin show attended in 1980.


Working in the shop


Logo trademarked


Building space doubled, bringing the total square footage to 20,000.


Elvin Price helped support and establish Eagle Ranch, an internationally recognized pioneer of childcare and family reunification.

As an original member of the board of directors, Elvin was instrumental in establishing the bylaws that the ranch could never borrow money and funds must be raised before construction of any addition.


The first Bobbin Show attended was in 1980 and in 1983 was the first presentation of automation for the apparel industry.


Purchased a Navajo Chieftain for the safety factor and its long range fuel tanks.


First supplement to the folder catalog dedicated to only new equipment presented at the 1984 Bobbin Show


Randy Cross, President & COO


Elvin Price works with volunteers to establish the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation (Georgia Chapter)


New 486 Computers with Autocad for R&D.

A new Fadal CNC Milling machine was added to the existing CNC department.


Expanded 401 Industrial Park Dr to 80,000 square feet facility and by 1992 employed 175 people.


First patent issued; 5,159,889, Sewing machine with automatic latch back device and method of sewing a portion of a thread chain.

As of 2018, a quick search on the USPTO website results in 50 patents issued. there are 20 active patents on equipment and 13 ornamental design patents for mattress borders. Below are a few of the present patents:


Elvin Price establishes the The Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation Annual Golf Classic that is still being held today.


Wendell Piper, President & COO
Over 200 employees


Expanded 401 Industrial Park Dr to 115,000 Square feet
Which included a second building at 273 Industrial Park Drive


273 Industrial Park Drive


NAFTA – North American Free Trade Agreement

The strategy of the company had to change because the apparel sewing market left the United States. AAC had to diversify and become part of the International market in different areas of the sewn products industry.


25th Anniversary


With anticipation of increased sales in Latin America, AAC expanded a sales office and showroom facility in Miami, Florida.

First Spanish Equipment Show Catalog was created for this new expanded area.


The Sudden Service Team in front of AAC’s hanger at the Lawrenceville, Ga Airport.


AAC’s introduction to the internet with it’s first website.


Priceless Plane Products established and in 2001 the logo is trademarked.


SolidWorks 3D modeling was introduced to replace AutoCad’s 2D for equipment design.


Serial Bus Control System released. A new 4 wire system with modules to manage the functions of automating equipment.


AAC logo trademark updated


Logo trademark updated referencing “Sewing Automation” from “Sudden Service” because of the expanded R&D developments into automated sewing equipment.


Expanded into the automotive industry building the framework for the Panoz Esperante sports car.


First ISPA EXPO for AAC.
First Mattress Industry Catalog that included 7 machines is introduced at the EXPO


Lazy Susan is trademarked for use on Priceless Tugs with a zero turn radius.


Hank Little hired as V.P of Sales and in 2006 became President of AAC


Priceless Plane Products is a sponsor of the First Flight Centennial celebration. This was an excellent opportunity to showcase our tugs to the world in Kitty Hawk, NC.


Atlanta Parts Depot established


362 Industrial Park Drive is the new home with over 200,000 square feet of factory space.


First Automotive Interiors Sewing Equipment Catalog


In 2010, the Chieftain was traded in for a Cessna 414. This expanded the travel capabilities because of a pressurized cabin and to be able to fly above the weather to facilitate the servicing of mattress industry customers.


“Priceless Plane Products” expands line of products by partnering with Red Box Power Equipment


Priceless Aviation Products trademarked and replaces Priceless Plane Products


Annex added to the 362 building making the square footage 250,000.


HSM Purchases Atlanta Attachment Company making it the fourth operating division and maintains its Lawrenceville, Georgia facility. AAC to continue its industry status in all divisions of the company and will grow all divisions in the global economy.

HSM is a privately owned holding company based in Hickory, North Carolina, that specializes, through its subsidiaries, in the manufacture of components for the furniture, bedding, transportation, packaging and healthcare industries; and the design and construction of automated production machinery for the bedding apparel, aerospace and other industries.


Elvin C. Price retires after 48 years of dedication to building an industry leading global manufacturing business.


First Furniture Industry Catalog


AAC & HSM presented their products together for the first time at the HFMSE Expo (Home Furnishings Manufacturing Solutions Expo)


As of 2018, AAC’s participation in trade shows has grown exponentially with expos all over the globe, such as:

  • USA
  • Germany
  • China
  • Japan
  • India

AAC also participates in expos for different industries such as:

  • Apparel
  • Aviation
  • Furniture
  • Mattress
  • Contract Manufacturing

50th Anniversary!
1969 to 2019


Launch of Red Box Tools and Foam