Welcome to Red Box Tools and Foams

Here at Red Box Tools and Foam we specialize in providing Shadow Foaming® for a wide array of products, predesigned tool kits in Shadow Foam and high quality BAHCO tools with a lifetime guarantee. All foams come complete with Push Point Technology®.

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Customized Shadow Foaming®

We use a closed cell polyethylene foam which is extremely hard wearing and resistant to things like oil and hydraulic fluid. We put a layer of black foam onto a colored foam so when the shape is cut out you have a Shadow Foaming® effect.

Shadow Foaming® and Shadow Boarding for your tools

Using our Shadow Foaming® techniques we can produce the perfect shadow foam for your tools. You can create foams of any size, for putting in roll cabs, fitting out portable cases or for shadow boarding a wall. We make it a simple as possible, you can bring the tools to us to be scanned, we can come and scan them at your facility, or we can send you out a kit to draw around your own tools.

Predesigned Tool Kits

We offer a wide selection of predesigned tool kits in Shadow Foam for a wide array of industries. Our kits were originally designed for the Aviation industry, but over the years we have designed kits for many other industries such as, Automotive, Marine, Metalwork, Wind Power, Plumbing, Electrical, General Engineering and many more.

Design your own tool kit

Send us a full list of the tools you would like and the type of storage solution you are looking for, and we will do the rest. Once we are finished we will send you a copy of the design to approve, once approved, your new custom tool boxes are only days away from reaching you.

Individual tools and tool storage

We have access to and stock of over 25,000 tools and storage solutions. We partner with BAHCO to offer exceptional quality tools all with a lifetime guaranty. BACHO is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of hand tools, and is renowned for its Ergo range.

Laser engraving and etching

We offer an engraving and etching service. We are able etch a wide selection of products. Our service to engrave tools means you can etch a code or name on every tool in your kits. This will help ensure a better quality of tool control.


If you can’t find what you are looking for, then don’t hesitate to contact our team on +1 (770) 709-5169 or email sales@RBToolsAndFoam.com