Plumbing Tool Kits

Plumbing Tool Kits by Red Box Tools and FoamRed Box have created a basic plumbing tool kit in 2 color shadow foam, which also includes 24 of the highest quality BAHCO tools, allowing you to complete a wide range of plumbing tasks with minimum effort.

You can also add additional tools and personalize this plumbing tool kit too, making it more bespoke to your specific requirements. However, the kit has been built with plumbers in mind, so it already includes the most essential tools when carrying out all plumbing tasks.

The tool box also comes complete with shadow foam and our own Push Point Technology®, making it easier to store your tools and remove them from your kit with minimal fuss.

Alternatively, you can also build your own bespoke plumber tool kit completely from scratch. So, if you fancy a tool set with a greater number of BAHCO tools and additional shadow foam, please click here and start building.

Require some additional help in choosing the right plumbing tool kit for your needs? Please contact our friendly team today by calling +1 (770) 709-5169).

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