Swedish company BAHCO is the world’s top hand tool maker. Having started in the late 1800s and inventing the pipe wrench and adjustable wrench, their product portfolio has grown to over 22,000 items, making BAHCO tools the must have items for trade professionals all over the world.

Red Box Tools and Foam stock and have access to the entire BAHCO tool line. Alongside our unique tool control Shadow Foaming® solutions and BAHCO’s quality and lifetime guaranty, we are able to offer an exceptional product that will last the test of time, no matter what task you are working on day-to-day.

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Also, check out our Ergo tools, which are designed to deliver comfort without sacrificing performance.

All of our pre-designed BAHCO tool kits and tool sets have a superb selection of high-quality tools that have been carefully selected for certain sectors, such as automotive, metalwork, and construction.

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