BAHCO was born way back in 1886 and, today, the brand is a symbol of quality.

Over the years some of the world’s leading tools were created by the BAHCO brand, including the examples below:

1886: Göran Fredrik Göransson, who created the brand, used high quality steel – previously moulded to make fish hooks, to begin the production of their first saw blades. To communicate their quality, every blade carried the Fish and Hook trademark.

1891: Johan Petter Johansson patented the first adjustable spanner, which formed the basis for the adjustable wrench – a Swedish invention found all over the world!

1967: The introduction of the bi-metal hacksaw blade Sandflex® heralded a new era in metal-cutting blade technology.

1982: Bahco presented the world’s first ergonomic screwdriver. ERGOTM tools go on to win many international awards.

2013: The Ergo Tool Management System is launched at the Equip’Auto fair in Paris winning a Silver Medal for Innovation.

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