RBI9693TDR Avionics Measurement and Maintenance Kit


Model NumberRBI9693TDR
Number of Tools272
Measurement of ToolsImperial (SAE / Standard)


2 Year Guarantee
Specification Sheet

Tool changes and substitutions can happen without notice

The high-quality 5-drawer BAHCO tool cabinets are built to last. The two-toned inlays indicate lost tools instantly, making tool control much faster, easier and safer.

272-piece set of BAHCO and DMA avionics hand tools integrated in foam layers with conventional and avionic-specific test and measurement equipment for use in the aviation service field. The kit includes a DMM designed for avionic testing, it may also be used for insulation measurement.

All wires and tools are marked with an easy indication code. The two different colours of the Inlay indicate lost tools instantly this makes tool control much faster, easier and safer.

Aircraft Supported By This Product

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